Club History

The Early Years, by G2FTK

In the late 1920s the Coventry Transmitters Association was formed by a number of local radio enthusiasts including G6CI, G6YU and G5SK. Meetings were held at Liggins Cafe in Hertford Street on an occasional basis for twelve years.

In 1932 some of the members of this group, including G2YS, G5GR, G5PP and G5SK decided to form a new society. Popular Wireless magazine invited all interested persons to come to its first meeting. At this well attended event it was decided that the new group should be called Coventry Short Wave Radio Society. The motto on the new club's badge was 'Orbis Voco' (I cover the world).

Meetings were held in the Ragged School at the back of New Buildings (which are still there behind the "Exchange and Mart"). The club progressed and began entering National Field Day from Burton Green by the water tower. In about 1936 the club was renamed Coventry Amateur Radio Society. During the war years many members saw active service and those still in Coventry held occasional get together at the home of Les Gardener, G5GR, usually on a Sunday morning. Collections were made and parcels of food and cigarettes etc. were sent off whenever possible.

A recall meeting of CARS in 1945 was held in the same room as before the war (unbelievably spared in the blitz). The program for forthcoming meetings in 1939 was still pinned to the notice board! This meeting was attended by 58 people looking out for new interests after 6 sombre years. In 1946 CARS entered the Magazine Club Contest run by the Short Wave Magazine and won the event. In five years the club collected a 1st, two 2nds and two 3rds. CARS continued to enter National Field Day from Whitley Abbey(now a school) and Stoneleigh Deer Park.

In the 1950's the club moved to Queens Road with the long wire antenna crossing the telephone lines, much to the concern of the GPO. With development of the ring road the club moved to several locations including St. John's rooms on the Holyhead Road, the YMCA, the RAF Club and the Territorial Army HQ on the opposite side of the railway from our previous HQ at Baden Powell House.

In 1996 the  Society moved to Binley Church Hall. The new venue offers more facilities on club nights than were enjoyed at the previous venue. There are two radio rooms, a main hall and a kitchen area. This enables a number of activities to go on at the same time without them effecting each other. To help fully utilise this the radio rooms are available for use every time the club meets, even though other activities such as Indoor DF are shown on the club events diary. Any exceptions to this, for example when a guest speaker is invited, are stated in the events diary.