How to get on the Air

In order to transmit on Amateur Frequencies, you need a licence, You can't just buy one, you have to pass an exam. There are three levels of examination: Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced. You must start with foundation and can progress in your own time. Each level gives you certain operating priveliges.

In order to take any of the exams, you must be registered with a recognized instructor. Foundation & Intermediate exams can be taken at any time, but for the club's convenience, we only hold exams on a Friday evening. Advanced exams are currently held to a strict schedule organized by the RSGB. It usually takes 3 - 6 weeks to complete the Foundation Level and 6 to 10 weeks for the Intermediate level, studying about 4 hrs a week.

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Contact our Hon. Sec. & Registered Instructor John Beech G8SEQ

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or phone: 07958 777363

Foundation, Intermediate  & Advanced Courses are running now. Contact me ASAP if you want to join a course - de John G8SEQ.