Coventry Amateur Radio Society

Jul 20, 2013

DF Hunt 3rd Round

Friday 19th July saw the 3rd round of the club's annual direction finding competition.
Category:Club Activities 
Posted by: M0ZOM

As usual, the 'Fox' (whose role was ably played by Ivan, M0IRT) began the event parked somewhere within 10 miles of the clubhouse at Binley. Transmissions began at 20:10 for 2 minutes at a time, at which point the hunters at the club house swung various antennas to get the initial bearing and then headed of into a warm summer's evening, to find a spot to get another bearing on the 2nd (and subsequent) transmissions. At least 3 teams managed to find the Fox prior to the final transmission, at which point we headed to the local hostelry for some refreshement and the inevitable post-mortem amongst those who found the Fox, and those who didn't!