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Mar 12, 2014

Yaesu 857(D) & 897(D) Hidden Service Menu.

Did you know these radios had a hidden service menu? Here's why you should...
Posted by: M0ZOM
Anyone with one of the above radios may not know about the hidden service menu. It's hidden for a reason, that being, prior to leaving the factory, your radio will have been set up to the correct parameters on a testbench using this menu. Which means that, although all radios will generally be the same, each one will be unique due to the variances in components, tolerances etc.

You do have a copy of the settings for your radio don't you?

It's not uncommon for RF to get back into the radio, causing a hard reset of the CPU. It can mean the service menu settings go screwy and need resetting. Sure, it can be done with a copy of the service manual, signal generator, oscilloscope etc. but it's a lot easier to plug back in the values it had when you got it.

So get yourself a pen & paper, or as I did, a spreadsheet on the PC, and set yourself up to record 74 seperate menu values.

Now turn off the radio, press and hold the A, B, C keys; while holding them in, press and hold in the [PWR] switch for 1/2 second to turn the tranceiver ON. The Radio will make a distinctive "diddle-diddle-diddle" sound and you'll be in the hidden service Menu.

Tempting though it may be, don't fiddle with the settings you find. simply rotate the "select" knob to each menu entry and make a note of the value displayed on the screen. Turning the main tuning knob changes this value (if you're setting your radio to your saved values after an RF-in-the-radio reset incident)

Once you're done, press the [F] key to finish. You may just have saved yourself hours of grief in the future.